What To Look For In A Rental Car

There are many options for car rental in New Zealand so it is worth knowing a few tips to help you choose which company you will use. No matter if you are a local and you plan to go on a lengthy trip around the country, or you are a tourist who would like to save money on transportation by renting a car instead of buying plane or train tickets, there are some aspects that you must pay attention to when renting a car:

1. Check The Fuel Policy

The fuel policy is a very controversial topic, one that is often overlooked by those who want to rent a car in a hurry. The fuel policy may vary from one Wellington car hire company to another, but most of them will give you the car with a full tank and they expect you to hand it back exactly the same. It is cheaper to fill up the tank yourself before taking the car back, as opposed to allowing the company to charge you for the first tank and to return the car back without fuel, as you often have to pay more for the fuel than you would pay at a normal petrol station!

2. Look For Car Rentals With Unlimited Mileage

Once again, this policy also varies from one company to another. Generally speaking, world-renowned car rental companies do offer unlimited mileage on their cars, and this is one of the benefits of renting a car for a short period of time. Nonetheless, the unlimited mileage policy may not apply to luxury vehicles or to vehicles rented over an extended period of time, this is why it is highly recommended to check the terms and conditions of the car rental company before you sign any contract. Otherwise you risk ending up with only a few free miles, and then you will have to pay extra for the additional mileage, which would be very counter-productive. 

3. Look For Insured Cars Only

Car insurance can be very complex, especially when it comes to car rentals. Some rental companies have their cars insured, while others allow you to use your own car insurance when driving the rented vehicle. If your own insurance company states that it covers rental cars, then this can save you a lot of money and hassle – if it does not, then the chances are that you will need to take out another temporary insurance. Some car hire companies that offer car hire in Wellington do offer standard protection against theft or collision damage, but this is not a general rule. 

4. Look For Car Rentals That Offer Discounts

Just like it happens with any other industry, the competition is very intense in the car rental niche as well – this is why it is highly recommended to look for companies that offer you discounts, or that offer you the possibility to enrol in a scheme where you can get discounts. Why not pay less for your rented vehicle, if you are given the opportunity to do so?

5. Opt For A Car Rental From An Established Brand

Another important thing to pay attention to when renting a car is the reputation of the company. You can choose between established global car rental brands or locally based car hire operators. Both have their advantages and your choice can often come down to price. If you are like to hire a car in Wellington, you will be spoilt for choice as there are numerous car hire companies in the city.